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Follow the Money - Trading Software and a nightly trading report with set ups.

Investor’s Business Daily - Top stock prospects for the week.

Zacks - Ranks each stock on by fundamental analysis. Ranks stock from 1-5. 1 is good 5 is poor.

Stock Charts -Screen for specific indicators you need.                 

Market in out - Screen for specific indicators you look for in stocks.

Stock Fetcher - Set up parameters for what you are looking for in a stock and this website will filter to it instantly.

Leavitt Brothers - Market analysis with a weekly report of new possible set ups. 

Follow the Money Review

               Follow the Money is an excellent resource for trading stocks and keeping tabs of what is happening in the world economy. Its founder, Jerry Robinson, has been a professional trader for nearly 20 years. Jerry offers a free membership along with three levels of paid membership, each including a number of features.

        The products that Follow the Money offer are exceptional. One of them is a market barometer. This product shows the upside potential for the market in the short and long term. In 2007, this product indicated it was time to leave the market. Jerry and his subscribers were unaffected by the downturn of 2008.

            The weekend briefing is a report Jerry issues every Sunday night. It puts the focus on what events have recently taken place, and what to look for in the coming week. With so much going on in the world, this update helps a trader concentrate on what is important.

            If you subscribe as a Pro Trader, you will be included in an hour long conference call every Tuesday and Friday. During these calls, Jerry talks about support and resistance levels on the dollar, gold, silver, and other commodities and currencies. Once Jerry goes through current events and stock ideas he thinks look promising, he will take questions from the audience. Type in a ticker and he will review it and let you know if it looks like a good idea.

            The trading software feature is very simple to use. With one click, you have the option to day, swing, position, or long term trade.  You will also receive a nightly trading report with ideas for each for each of the trading styles. 

            In May of 2016, Follow the Money Insiders and Pro Traders had a chance to meet Jerry and one another at the first Follow the Money Summit in Estes Park, Colorado. The conference was free to those with Insider and Pro Trader subscriptions.  Jerry, the speakers, and those in attendance were great people. I plan on attending the next summit in Fayetteville, AR in June 2017.

            Having used this system for the last two years, I am very satisfied. Jerry is always updating the site and making it better. I highly recommend this product.